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Thoughts on Mary

Bill – On Mary and the rosary – Mary is not God.  Mary never was God.  And Mary never wants to be God.  She’s just one of us, but was the first one of us to follow Jesus.  I worship God alone, believing that worshiping Mary is in error.  And, in the strictest sense, I pray to God alone.  


However, I do ask for help – as Paul asked for prayers from the recipients of his letters.  I ask for help from the people on the prayer line at my church.  So, why not ask my Mom for a little help?  Mary is my Mom because Jesus gave her to me.  I have it in writing.  You see, I am the disciple that Jesus loves, as are you. 


As his mother, Mary is able to see Jesus very clearly.  So, when I pray the rosary, I sit at Jesus’ feet with Mary by my side.  And I ask her to share in my prayer to Jesus that I may see her Son through his mother’s eyes.