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Thoughts on Christianity

Bill – On Christian unity – I believe that He who has the power to unite us is much more powerful than anything that could ever divide us.  Jesus is Lord.  


We each worship in our individual churches, with our differing styles, doctrines, traditions, and interpretations.  But many times the differences between our faith traditions are less striking than the differences within them.  Each of us comes with a unique perspective on faith and life.  But, as Christians, the most important thing we all share is that most important of all – Jesus.  If we can come together with our complete focus on Jesus, we can truly come together as one. 

John – On Christian unity – I hear people talk about Christian unity like it’s just some kind of a dream for the future.  But Christians are coming together now.  Rather than coming together to argue about our differences, we’re coming together to kneel at the feet of Jesus – as one.  

We’re sharing our gifts with each other.  One tradition shares their gift of song.  Another shares their gifts of the Holy Spirit, and still another shares their love of the written Word Of God.  I know that because Catholics, for instance, have been buying Bibles at an alarming rate lately – and that’s a good thing. 


By the same token, when Jesus was dying on the cross, He didn’t give his mother to the Catholic that he loved.  He gave her to the disciple that He loved.  And that's us - all of us.  And, speaking for myself, I don’t want to come to the party for the exchange of Christian gifts, and have no gift to give.  So I bring Mary, the mother of Jesus, given to us from the cross by Jesus, to be mother to all of us.